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4 Things You Shouldn’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

One of the great things about garbage disposals is that they make it easier to get rid of smaller scraps of food waste without overloading your trash. While it’s a very convenient system in our kitchens, it’s important to know what food or items you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal. This will prevent a clogged or damaged disposal. Below are some foods and items to completely avoid throwing down your garbage disposal.

Eggs Shells

4 Things You Shouldn't Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Learn What Foods and Items Shouldn’t Go Down the Garbage Disposal.

A lot of people think that eggs shells can help garbage disposals because it sharpens the blades. However, the shells have a membrane that lines the walls of the shell which can get stuck on the impellers. This can make it harder to discard other items as the impellers have egg membrane on them.


Grese is a big no-no when it comes to putting things down garbage disposals. This is because when the oil starts to cool down in the drain, it can start to congeal, which will then harden on the sides of your pipes and drain. This, in turn, can cause huge clogs.


Pasta seems pretty harmless because it’s pretty soft, but because the pasta will expand when it’s in water, it will start to expand and make it harder for other items and food to go down the drain and disposal.

Chemical Cleaners

Things like soap are okay but drain cleaners can do a lot more damage to the garbage disposal. This is because of the chemicals in the cleaners; they can start to corrode the garbage disposals and drains after a while.

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The Benefits of Hydro Jet Cleaning for Your Drain

Nothing is more frustrating than having a slow drain. No one likes to stand in ankle deep water because their shower is slowly draining, but the great thing is that you don’t have to. There is an essential plumbing service that is able to help you have faster drains and that is with hydro jetting. A slow drain is not going to go away by itself, so getting hydro jet cleaning for your drain is incredibly beneficial. Not only will it help your shower, sink, and other plumbing drains faster, it also has many other advantages.

Removes Clogs

The Benefits of Hydro Jet Cleaning for Your Drain

There Are Many Benefits to Get Hydro Jet Cleaning for Your Drain.

Usually, when your drains are slow its because there is a clog in your drain. By calling a professional for hydro jet cleaning for your drains, it’s able to remove the clog more effectively than with snaking or drain cleaners.

Great Preventative Measure

Not only will hydro jetting remove a clog, it can prevent clogs from returning to your drains. The reason it has the ability to do this is that it removes everything in the drain, not just the clog. If there is a build-up of muck in your drains like grease, leftover food, hair, and other particles, hydro jetting can remove it, which prevents future clogs from forming.

It’s Non-Invasive

Instead of digging up your yard to get to your drain to provide cleaning service, hydro jet cleaning makes it so much easier and doesn’t require plumbers to destroy your yard in the process.

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