Installing Your Home Sprinkler System

Automatic sprinkler systems are becoming more popular during these times of drought and environmental awareness. Not only does it help save us the woes of having to do this manual labor task, but helps to conserve water by limiting water consumption. Lawn sprinkler system installation is a tricky task to accomplish on your own, though not impossible. Careful measures, planning, and contact with city officials about irrigation and water lines must be undertaken. If you are wanting a sprinkler system for your home, but are not wanting to take on the enormous task, call Jennings Plumbing Services at 972-492-5369 for sprinkler system installation in Carrolton, TX.

How To Install a Sprinkler System

mutltiple sprinklers

Professional Sprinkler System Installation Can Strategically Place Sprinklers In Your Yard

Sprinkler system installation can be achieved in under 10 steps when properly done. Before starting to dig up your yard, you need to contact your city water company and request the required permits in order to begin construction. The water company can also help to tell you where potential underground water or gas lines might be located in your yard and can update you on the backflow prevention requirements in your area. Drawing an outline of your property and labeling important markers like trees, water meters, and soil types will be beneficial. Next, check your water pressure at the water meter. You can do this by turning your water supply off and reading the water pressure gauge to calculate the water pressure psi reading.

How Much Pressure Does a Sprinkler System Need?

Water pressure plays an important role when installing an underground sprinkler system. A lot of water is required to keep your lawn healthy and green, so water pressure usually has to be fairly high. Water pressure is the pressure of the water and how fast it travels through your pipes to be released out of the sprinkler head. The sprinkler system has to be carefully regulated to make sure that the pumps and sprinkler heads don’t get overpowered.

Water pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). The best pressure for sprinkler systems is 30-50 psi. If water pressure is too high, it can cause your sprinklers to mist or fog while too low of water pressure results in inadequate watering. Individual pressure reducing valves or pressure regulators can fix any water pressure problems.

How Far Apart Should Sprinkler Heads Be?

You don’t want your sprinkler heads too close together, to where you are just watering the same are. But you do want your sprinklers close enough to where the mist from one sprinkler can reach another sprinkler location. This is called ‘head to head’ spacing coverage and helps to ensure complete water coverage of your property.

Allowing your sprinkler heads to be spread out across your lawn also gives you the opportunity for future landscaping expansion such as tree planting without having to worry about an ideal planting spot already being taken by a sprinkler head.

What Size Pipe Should I Use For a Sprinkler System?

Valves and pipes are what operate the sprinklers. After calculating your home’s water capacity (GPM), which determines how many sprinklers can run on a valve, this will determine how many piping zones are needed for your sprinkler system installation. The most commonly used pipes for underground sprinkler systems are PVC or Poly Pipes. The size of the pipe will determine on your GPM flow. For GPM flows of 7-12, you can use a PVC pipe that is ¾’. 12-20 GPM required a 1” PVC pipe, and 1 ¼” PVC pipe for GPM flows of 22-32. Poly pipes are used for very small GPM flows of 0-22, with the pipe sizes ranging from ¾” to 1 ¼”just like PVC pipes.

How Deep Should Sprinkler Pipes Be Buried?

After getting approval from your local underground locator service or city to begin trenching and installing piping in your yard, you must dig a hole that is 6-12 inches deep. This is to ensure that there is enough room for retractable sprinklers to go back underground without getting damaged from lawn machines or foot traffic. Also, this is the optimal depth to prevent your water lines from freezing.

Benefits of Professional Sprinkler System Installation

automatic sprinklers

Automatic Sprinklers Help Conserve Water and Eliminate The Need For Manual Lawn Watering

There is a lot that goes into home sprinkler system components and installing them. That is why many homeowners decide to have professional sprinkler system installation and avoid any serious damages from occurring like puncturing an underground gas line or improperly calculating their GPM, resulting in over purchasing piping zones. Benefits of getting professional sprinkler system installation include:

  • Obtaining the correct permits for the sprinkler system installation
  • Construction safety knowledge
  • Will know to avoid tree roots
  • Can avoid underground water, sewage, and gas lines
  • Can accurately compose a sprinkler system layout to provide water to all access points of your lawn
  • Much faster and more precise than doing it yourself

Sprinkler System Installation

The best home sprinkler system that you can get would be an irrigation system. These sprinkler systems are automated, helping to regulate usage and lowering your water bill. Depending on what home sprinkler system components you opt for, your irrigation system could come with rain sensors or automatically lower back into the ground when not in use. If you have any questions on which sprinkler system is best for you or want a professional sprinkler system installation service in Carrolton, TX, the plumbers at Jennings Plumbing Services can help! Call our water experts today at 972-492-5369 for more information.

Protecting Your Home During Flash Floods

A New Sump Pump Installation

Your Sump Pump Installation May Needs Enough Power to Handle Extended Rainfall.

Have you ever seen a flash flood wipe out a row of cars? Flash floods are all too common in many parts of Texas. It’s a problem many homeowners deal with on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are several ways to protect your home against these floods. Here’s how!

Is My Home Vulnerable to Flash Floods?

That depends entirely on your neighborhood and the local landscape. There are several environmental factors that could affect your home’s flood risk, including:

  • Whether your home is located on a hill or in a valley
  • Neighborhood drain systems
  • The soil beneath your neighborhood
  • Local rivers

If the local soil does a poor job at absorbing water, flooding will be more common. Storm drains can prevent much of this water from reaching homes, up to a point. If your neighborhood is located in a valley with poor draining capacity, you’ll need to prepare your home for the worst.

How Can I Prevent My House From Flooding?

There are a couple target areas to pay close attention to. First, make sure your roof and gutter system are both in good condition. If that means investing in some storm damage repair, it’s better than suffering extensive water damage. Ideally, your gutters will drain several feet away from the house.

Next, your yard needs to be prepared to stop flooding. As much as possible, try to keep the yard graded (sloped) away from your house. You can also install a drain line in the ground that leads away from the house.

Finally, make sure your basement (or garage) is outfitted with a powerful sump pump to direct water away from the house. Sump pumps are particularly useful for extended rainfall; you’ll just need to ensure your pump can work for hours without burning out.

Get Your Quote on Sump Pump Installation?

Does your home deal with flash floods on a regular basis? We’d love to help you with professional sump pump installation in Carrolton, TX and any nearby cities. Give our Jennings Plumbing Services team a call at 972-492-5369 today!

What Can a Water Leak Do To My Home?

Water leaks can come on at any time without cause or you doing something to make it happen. If you do get a water leak there are a few things that you should do to avoid damage if you don’t have any already. If you think you have a leak, the best thing you can do is try to find it first. Once you know where it is, you can tell the plumber and they can fix it right away. You may also see what the problem is and be able to fix it yourself. You can also turn the water off in your home until help arrives so that you are able to get the problem under control. To avoid any other disasters in the future, you may want to consider calling a residential roofing company and having an inspection done. Any kind of home inspection is a good idea, especially if you have been having continuous problems.

What Can Water Damage Do?

Water Leak

Call Right Away If You Have a Pipe Leak, To Avoid Major Damage.

Mold – Mold can begin to develop if a water leak has been going on for a while and it can spread all through your home causing problems to your health as well.

Drywall Issues – Water on your walls is a quick way to ruin your drywall. This can seep into the wall and if it is not dried out in time, you will have to have parts of your wall replaced.

Floor Damage – Water that sits on your floors can cause it to bubble up and end up having to be replaced.

High Water Bill – Wasted water can result in a high water bill. This may even be what makes you catch the leak in the first place.

If you have a leak in your Carrolton, TX home, the professionals at Jennings Plumbing Services at 972-492-5369 for help.

What to do When You Have a Plumbing Leak

A water leak in your home can quickly turn into a costly, stressful nightmare. From flooring to walls, paint, and furniture, your property is at major risk when your plumbing begins to leak. Whether your leak is minor and dripping or major and gushing, prompt attention is required to prevent the leak from worsening or causing more damage. The Jennings Plumbing Services technicians will quickly locate and repair your plumbing leak to minimize damage and cost to your home. We deliver comprehensive plumbing leak detection by using only the most innovative tools and techniques. Call our office today at 972-492-5369 to learn more about our plumbing leak detection services in Carrolton, TX.

We Provide Comprehensive Plumbing Leak Repair.

When Your Plumbing Has Sprung a Leak, Our Experts Can Fix it Fast.

Where is My Leak Coming from?

When you notice water where it shouldn’t be in your home, it’s a good idea to try to find the leak location. Inspect fixtures and pipes, nozzles, toilet components and the water heater for drips, running water, or watermarks. Move all property and furniture to a safe distance from the leak to prevent damage and call a professional for a further inspection. Once your plumbing leak has been repaired, efficient water cleanup is imperative to prevent mold, mildew, and rot within your home. This can vary in time and structure, depending on the severity of your plumbing leak. One of the best ways to prevent serious plumbing leaks in your home is to be aware of the common indicators. Knowing and being able to spot these signs could save you hundreds in repairs.

Dripping water from walls, ceilings, or underneath fixtures
Warm or hot spots in your floor
Wet, warped, or swollen wood and sheetrock
The smell of mold or mildew
Peeling paint or wallpaper

Your Local Plumbing Leak Repair Specialists

When you suspect a plumbing leak in your home, call the Jennings Plumbing Services experts today. We provide quick, convenient plumbing leak detection and repair that leaves you with plumbing you can count on. Call our experts at 972-492-5369 today to schedule your plumbing leak detection in the Carrolton, TX area and get your plumbing back to normal, fast.

4 Things You Shouldn’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

One of the great things about garbage disposals is that they make it easier to get rid of smaller scraps of food waste without overloading your trash. While it’s a very convenient system in our kitchens, it’s important to know what food or items you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal. This will prevent a clogged or damaged disposal. Below are some foods and items to completely avoid throwing down your garbage disposal.

Eggs Shells

4 Things You Shouldn't Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Learn What Foods and Items Shouldn’t Go Down the Garbage Disposal.

A lot of people think that eggs shells can help garbage disposals because it sharpens the blades. However, the shells have a membrane that lines the walls of the shell which can get stuck on the impellers. This can make it harder to discard other items as the impellers have egg membrane on them.


Grese is a big no-no when it comes to putting things down garbage disposals. This is because when the oil starts to cool down in the drain, it can start to congeal, which will then harden on the sides of your pipes and drain. This, in turn, can cause huge clogs.


Pasta seems pretty harmless because it’s pretty soft, but because the pasta will expand when it’s in water, it will start to expand and make it harder for other items and food to go down the drain and disposal.

Chemical Cleaners

Things like soap are okay but drain cleaners can do a lot more damage to the garbage disposal. This is because of the chemicals in the cleaners; they can start to corrode the garbage disposals and drains after a while.

To get garbage disposal repair in Carrolton, TX, call Jennings Plumbing Services at 972-492-5369 today!

The Benefits of Hydro Jet Cleaning for Your Drain

Nothing is more frustrating than having a slow drain. No one likes to stand in ankle deep water because their shower is slowly draining, but the great thing is that you don’t have to. There is an essential plumbing service that is able to help you have faster drains and that is with hydro jetting. A slow drain is not going to go away by itself, so getting hydro jet cleaning for your drain is incredibly beneficial. Not only will it help your shower, sink, and other plumbing drains faster, it also has many other advantages.

Removes Clogs

The Benefits of Hydro Jet Cleaning for Your Drain

There Are Many Benefits to Get Hydro Jet Cleaning for Your Drain.

Usually, when your drains are slow its because there is a clog in your drain. By calling a professional for hydro jet cleaning for your drains, it’s able to remove the clog more effectively than with snaking or drain cleaners.

Great Preventative Measure

Not only will hydro jetting remove a clog, it can prevent clogs from returning to your drains. The reason it has the ability to do this is that it removes everything in the drain, not just the clog. If there is a build-up of muck in your drains like grease, leftover food, hair, and other particles, hydro jetting can remove it, which prevents future clogs from forming.

It’s Non-Invasive

Instead of digging up your yard to get to your drain to provide cleaning service, hydro jet cleaning makes it so much easier and doesn’t require plumbers to destroy your yard in the process.

Call Jennings Plumbing Services today at 972-492-5369 when you want hydro jetting in Carrolton, TX for your drains.