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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Carrollton 

Although they are not the most glamorous, your sewer line is one of the most important parts of your property. Your sewer lines have the tremendous task of transporting toxic waste. Not only is that waste nothing that you would ever want in your home, but it is also hazardous to your health and the health of your family. If your sewer is damaged, it can cause toxic water to back up in your yard or bathroom. This creates a mess and puts your health on the line. 


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Watch Out for These Signs That You Need Professional Sewer Line Services 

The lifespan of your sewer line depends on your pipe’s material. While you might be unsure of this material or when it was installed, you can pay attention to the consistency of the water in your home. This will help you determine when you might need your sewer line repaired or replaced. If you are unsure of the health of your sewer line, but want to be preventative, our team can perform an inspection and evaluate your sewer’s needs. You can also pay attention to the following signs that might mean there is an issue with your sewer line: 

  • Inconsistent toilet bowl water level: The only thing worse than a low-level toilet bowl is an inconsistent water bowl. If your toilet is playing tricks on you, this is never a good sign. One day your bowl might be full and the next day, you are greeted with very low water levels. This could mean you have a clog in your sewer system, so if you are having this issue, it is definitely worth consulting with a professional.
  • Animals are attracted to your yard: If you find that you have some extra yard mates you did not ask for, it might mean they are attracted to something that you do not want in your house. You might think that the contents of a sewage pipe break are the stuff of nightmares, but for rodents and other pests, this can be a dream. If you are greeted with these critters more than ever, an underlying sewage issue might be to blame.
  • Strange smells: If you smell sewage in your backyard, basement, or home, we recommend calling our team immediately. These strange smells are certainly unpleasant, and they might be a sign that your plumbing issue is more than meets the eye. When the drain field becomes clogged, the liquid cannot escape from the tank properly, which can cause overflow and strange smells. Get in touch with a plumber to get to the bottom of this issue and put these smells to rest.
  • Soggy yard: In the same way that a sewage leak can lead to strange smells, it can also cause your yard to be soggy. If you have noticed that your yard is a bit soggier than usual, a sewage leak or other issue might be to blame. Our team will locate the source of the unexpected sogginess and address the issue at hand.
  • Slow draining: If your drains are taking an excessive amount of time to clear, it can be a sign of a variety of plumbing issues, including sewage problems. In the simplest terms, a slow drain means that the water is not flowing through the wastepaper pipes as quickly as it needs to. This will cause some major problems down the line if left untreated, so we recommend getting the professional help you need as soon as possible.
  • Gurgling sound: This is another issue that can be a sign of a wide variety of plumbing issues, and sewer problems are included. A gurgling sound can mean there is a clogged drain line, and if turning on the sink in the kitchen or bathroom causes this, the clog might be in the main sewer line. This can grow into a major plumbing concern if left untreated, and the goal of our team will be to get you the repairs you need before they grow into more.

Regardless of what the issue might be that clues you in on your sewer issue, what matters most is that you consult with a professional plumber to solve the problem as soon as possible. The team at Jennings Plumbing Services has the knowledge, experience, and skillset necessary to fix the damaged line, unclog your system, and keep your plumbing running smoothly for many years to come. 

Ready to say goodbye to your sewage issues in Carrollton? Call Jennings Plumbing Services at (972) 458-5584 or contact us online and get started with your repair or replacement today. 

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