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Drain Cleaning Experts in Carrollton, TX

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Drains are part of a plumbing system that sees a lot of action on a daily basis. Many different items are rinsed and/or flushed away every day, and as long as your drains are clear and everything is flowing freely, there are no problems. It’s when the drains become clogged and backed up that you take notice and need to find a solution.

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Common Household Drain Problems

Drain problems are some of the most common plumbing issues that plumbers have to deal with, and it is usually because the drain has become clogged and things are no longer flowing through it smoothly. In the bathroom, shower, tub and sink drains can get clogged with old soap residue and hair. The main cause of toilet clogs is trying to flush too much paper down at one time. In the kitchen, drains can become clogged with grease and food particles. Most of the time drain clogs are relatively minor and don’t require too much in the way of professional attention, but sometimes the contents can come back up or the drain is plugged solid and nothing will move through it at all.

What If the Plunger Doesn’t Work?

When a major drain clog hits your home or business, you may need to call in the pros to put their specialized drain cleaning tools to work. If the drain is plugged by years of sludge and other items that have hardened or by something as strong as tree roots, there’s no way a plunger will get the job done. Professional plumbers have a technique called hydrojetting that will blast right through virtually anything that’s blocking your pipes.

Hydrojetting consists of a powerful water spray that can get up to 4,000 psi. This high-pressure solution essentially scrapes the insides of the pipes clean, as well as knocking the main obstruction clear out of the way. The result is no more clogged drain and the insides of your pipes will be like new again.

Drain clogs have a way of disrupting your day like nothing else. If your drains or clogged or backing up on you and you aren’t sure what to do, call Jennings Plumbing Services at 972-492-5369 in Carrollton, TX and the surrounding area. We have expert drain cleaning technicians that will use the latest technology to break through even the most challenging drain clogs.