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Repiping Plumbing Services

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One of the many services plumbers have at their disposal for fixing damaged pipes is called repiping. This refers to going in and removing sections of damaged pipe and replacing it with a section of new pipe. This method is far less invasive than tearing apart the entire system and often works in tandem with leak detection services to repair a specific section of pipe, leaving the surrounding infrastructure alone.

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Issues that May Require Repiping

Repiping is valuable for circumstances where portions of pipe have worn through or been damaged for other reasons, yet the remainder of the pipe is still ok. This may include general aging of the pipes, tree roots that have broken through a section of pipe, serious clogs that have damaged the pipe beyond repair or various holes, splits and cracks. You may notice moisture and condensation in certain areas of your home, mold may have started growing or your water bills may have climbed unexpectedly. Typically, your plumber takes some time to assess the situation and locate the problem area, then decide if repiping is the best solution.

Can Repiping Save Me Money?

Repiping will certainly save you money on the damage and water loss that was occurring with the damaged pipes. Even the slowest leak will end up rotting wood, rusting metal, encouraging mold growth and possibly attracting bacteria and parasites if the water pools and sits stagnant. Through repiping, your plumber can save you from having to repair all of that damage, and you won’t be faced with higher water bills from losing water.

Solutions for Copper or PEX

Repiping is a valid solution for both copper and PEX pipe, which are the two most common types found in households. Most people are familiar with copper piping and have seen it many times, and PEX stands for polyethylene pipe. Of the two, copper is usually the most durable, as PEX joints can bend or sag when the weight of water flows through the pipes. PEX pipe is generally more flexible and usually costs less than copper. Each type of pipe has its own pros and cons, and you should figure out what type is in your home, to relay the information to your plumber if you ever need repiping done.

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