Carrollton Shower & Tub Installation & Repair Services

Tub and Shower Installation and Repair

Don’t settle for a leaky, dingy tub or shower. Call our specialists for your next repair or installation.

Do you need professional Carrollton shower and tub installation and repair services? Call 972-492-5369 today for fast, affordable service and top-notch customer service. We will send a licensed plumber to inspect the area and provide the solution you need. Click here to see great money-saving coupons and specials.

When a shower or bathtub has been installed properly, according to all the necessary building codes and industry best practices, they can last for years, sometimes even decades without any major problems. You may experience the odd leak or drain clog, but the units will be stable and stand up to the daily use they are put through. As long as the initial installation and subsequent repairs are handled by qualified professionals, everything should work out fine.

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Leaky Tubs are More Serious Than You Think

One negative about keeping the fixtures in your bathroom in one place without changing them for years is the possibility for hidden leaks to form. If there is a leak underneath the tub or around its base, the potential for rotting wood and other property damage exists. You will eventually see the signs as water leaks through to the room beneath the bathroom if there is one, or your water bills may rise unexpectedly. Mold and mildew in the general area may be other clues. The fact that they can go on for a time being unnoticed means serious damage may be the end result.

Is Regular Maintenance Worth the Trouble?

One way to counteract scenarios like the hidden leak in the tub is through periodic maintenance of your plumbing system and fixtures. When everything is checked out and no single issues are allowed to grow out of control, the shower and tubs in your home can stay where they are and the potential for any serious problems is greatly reduced.

Professional Repair and Installation Gives Peace of Mind

When your tubs and showers are installed, repaired and maintained by professional, licensed plumbers, there is a peace of mind that exists that isn’t there when you do it yourself. Many homeowners like to remain in control of what goes on inside their own home, and some are more than skilled enough to perform their own tub and shower services, but in the majority of cases, leaving it to professionals is the best way to go.

Since most families use their showers and tubs on a daily basis, it is important that they are installed and maintained correctly. Call Jennings Plumbing Services at 972-492-5369 in Carrollton, TX and the surrounding area for expert service that will keep your tubs and showers working well all year long.