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Water Softener System by Jennings Plumbing

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Water softeners are a form of water filtration that is designed to turn hard water into soft water. Many homes have hard water and although it isn’t dangerous and won’t cause any negative lasting effects, it’s still something that most people don’t want. When you have a professional water softener system installed in your home, you’ll notice the effects quickly and hard water will be a thing of the past.

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How Does Water Become Hard?

Hard water doesn’t look any different from soft water as it pours from your household faucets, but it is different. Within hard water are higher than normal amounts of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are what makes it hard. These minerals usually come from rock formations that are close to your home and get into the water supply, unless a filtration system is in place to prevent it.

How a Good Water Softener Helps

A water softening system will help to prevent the noticeable effects of having hard water. These include a white residue known as limescale that forms on cookware, cutlery and some fixtures and appliances that are in contact with water each day. Limescale isn’t harmful, but it doesn’t look nice and is difficult to remove. As times goes on, it can become almost impossible to scrub off, and may affect the cooking times of some foods if it builds up on the bottom of cookware.

Another frustrating effect of hard water that is helped by a professional water softener is the inability to lather soap and shampoo properly. This annoying feature makes it difficult to wash your hair thoroughly and can leave your laundry feeling scratchy and stiff when it should be soft. Many people just get used to these signs of hard water, but you can eliminate them with the installation of a quality water softener system. Some DIY products may offer temporary relief, but only a professionally installed system will give you what you need over the long term.

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