Gas Water Heater Installation & Repair Services In Carrollton, TX

When your family is out of hot water, it’s difficult to know which type of water heater will be best. Gas water heaters are a fast heating, inexpensive option that can be very efficient and low energy. When you need gas hot water installation or repair around Carrollton, TX, your experts at Jennings Plumbing can help choose the perfect solution for your home. Call us today at 972-492-5369 to set up your appointment.

Gas Water Heater Repair

When your gas water heater need repair or replacement, our experts will get your hot water running again, fast!

How It Works

Gas water heaters work slightly differently than an electrical system. These heaters use a burner that’s controlled by the thermostat to heat the water as it comes into the tank. The water is stored in the tank while it is being heated and after being heated to await use by your family. Since gas water heaters heat water in the tank, the system could go through more wear and tear than an electric model and may need to be replaced sooner.

The Many Benefits of a Gas Water Heater

Gas heaters are very energy efficient and can even have an HE (High Efficiency) rating through Energy Star, while still being an inexpensive solution. In most cases, your gas heater has no need for electricity so your family can enjoy hot water even when the power is out for extended periods of time. These systems are simple to install and repair, saving you money on expensive service calls, and can last from 12-15 years when properly maintained.

A gas water heater can heat your family’s water efficiently and quickly to provide an ample supply of hot water in every situation. If you need gas water heater repair or installation in Carrollton, TX, call our professional plumbing team to ensure you get the best service available. Our service technicians will evaluate your system and discuss your repair or replacement options with you so you are always satisfied with the work done. When you need gas water heater service call our experts at 972-492-5369 and get the job done right.