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5 Tips To Save On Water Heater Installation

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Hello and welcome to Jennings Plumbing Services Blog Page! Today we are going to go over 5 quick and easy ways to save money on water heater installation and repairs. When your water heater goes out, which is only a matter of time, sometimes it can be catastrophic and cause tons of damage to your home or property. Not only will we go over ways to save on water heater installation near you, but we will also cover some basic need to know information about the future of water heater technology and some of the improvements that can save you money over time. 

Tip One: Save Up To 30% By Buying Your Own Water Heater Prior to Installation

The easiest way to save a good bit of cash on your next water heater installation is to buy your own water heater new from a place like Home Depot, Lowes or a local Plumbing Supply store like Pittman Supply Company in Carrollton. Most plumbing companies will tack on about 30% to the cost of the physical water heater. Bypass this cost directly by purchasing your own water heater prior to calling a plumber to perform your water heater installation. In fact, if you really want to save money then you should try to get all of the necessary materials yourself prior to the water heater installation.

Bonus Tip: Many times when you replace your water heater you have to perform upgrades on the unit to meet new local municipal code requirements. This is especially applicable in places like Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. Most professional plumbers are aware of these requirements and if you call them out to do an initial inspection of the water heater prior to installation they will give you a bid for the job that includes all of the necessary parts for these upgrades as line items. Be sure to get a copy of this to make getting the necessary materials before hand even easier and so that you can save EVEN MORE MONEY! You’ll thank me later. 

Tip Two: Go Tankless And Save On Water Heater Costs

I know what you’re thinking.. what do you mean go with a tankless water heater and save money? Are tankless water heater installations more expensive? Those are valid questions. Let me answer them for you. A tankless water heater is more expensive in some aspects. The initial up front cost for a tankless water heater installation is about twice or even three times as expensive as a traditional storage tank water heater like the one pictured above. 

Why is the up front cost so much higher for a tankless water heater? Thats a good question too. A tankless water heater ( the actual unit / device ) costs more from local suppliers and major home supply chains like Home Depot and Lowes than the traditional alternative. You will literally pay up to $1000 more for just the tankless water heater unit. Now remember how I said before that if you buy the unit yourself you will save money. This is still true here and applies to all water heater installations. Buy your own tankless water heater and save anywhere from $300 – $500 dollars in mark up! 

A tankless water heater will save you money in the long run because they are less prone to catastrophic failure (failure of the unit resulting in water damage to your home and possible flooding ).  These water heater failures can cause thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. If installation budget isn’t an issue and you have $3000-5000 to invest in going tankless then by all means a tankless water heater is definitely the superior option, as it will save you money over time by only heating the water on demand. With a tankless heater you will not be heating water needlessly throughout the day while you’re at work or on vacation. Additionally, tankless water heaters tend to outlast the traditional units, giving you 5-10 years of added life. 

Tip: If you just do not have the budget for a tankless unit – save by going with the traditional. Traditional storage tank water heaters literally cost a fraction of what a new tankless unit will cost you if you do not already have a tankless unit that just needs to be replaced. Also think about getting a flood stop device that uses sensors to detect water in the water heater drain pan and shut off water to the unit automatically! This device alone could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in property damage. 

Tip Three: Check Your Plumber's Website for Discounts and Coupons

Lots of times customers can easily miss readily available discounts and coupons. Many companies want you to mention their ad , discount or coupons when scheduling your appointment. Most places usually have a section on their website dedicated to these things and you can easily save between $50 and $200! Combined with the other tips we have provided, your savings potential is nothing to turn a nose up at. 

Bonus Tip: Seniors Citizens and Veterans typically get added discounts from service providers. Always mention this when you call to set up your appointment! You could save a significant percentage in some cases! 

Tip 4: Pressed Fittings Vs. Solder

I know this is an odd one, but it can make a difference! Pressed copper fittings are typically a bit more expensive to use than regular copper fittings designed to be soldered together. When examining your plumbers bid for the water heater installation make sure that you arent being over charged for pro-press fittings that require a press tool. Old fashioned solder fittings are going to be far cheaper and can save you a bit on your installation bill! 

If you are installing a water heater for the first time or if the heater has to be added in a new location you could possibly save even more money on materials by having the water heater repiped with PEX or Uponor. This will greatly reduce the cost of installation due to the much lower materials cost! Copper is an expensive metal in any application and the benefits of switching to PEX or Uponor are fantastic. PEX and Uponor expand if there is a freeze inside the line, unlike rigid copper. PEX and Uponor can swell and change shape without bursting, potentially saving thousands in damages from a burst water line.

Tip 5: Avoid DIY & Handyman Installations

When it comes to your own personal property it is always better to trust a professional to perform plumbing repairs and water heater installation. A licensed professional plumber has thousands of hours of experience and has probably installed more of these heaters in a day than you will in your lifetime. Make sure that the guy you choose for the job knows his stuff. Ask him about code requirements and see if they have any knowledge about safety add ons or flood stops. This will allow you to gauge how knowledgeable the plumber you are hiring is. More importantly though, it is almost never a great idea to try to do it yourself when it comes to plumbing. I will give you that there are a few exceptions to this rule, perhaps if youre just changing out a flapper in toilet etc. However, when it comes to your water heater and cutting and soldering copper pipe I would absolutely recommend that you spend the extra cash and get a licensed, fully insured professional for the job. It may cost more up front, but it will save you time, energy, frustration and in the end even some cash. 


Well that about sums up our tips to save on water heater installation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us today! Our professional plumbers are available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our licensed professional plumbers in your area, give us a call now! You can reach us at (972) 458-5584!

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