Carrollton Slab Leak Detection & Repair Services

You can have access to professional Carrollton slab leak detection and repair services when you call 972-492-5369 today. Slab leaks have the potential to cause a lot of property damage and cost a lot of money in repairs. When you call, we will send out a licensed plumber to determine if there is a slab leak, then provide the appropriate solution.

Slab Leak Detection And Repair in Carrollton, TX

If you think you may have a slab leak, don’t wait! Call our repair team now to avoid big problems!

One of the more frustrating plumbing situations for homeowners is when there is a leak somewhere in the house, but you have no idea that it exists. Usually, this type of scenario can’t carry on for too much time without signs popping up for you to see, but in the meantime, there is damage being done that may require costly repairs. One type of leak that has these “hidden” potential is called a slab leak.

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Definition of a Slab Leak

By definition, a slab leak refers to a leak in the copper piping that runs underneath the concrete foundation of your house. That concrete floor, also known as a concrete “slab” is the ideal hiding spot for a water leak, because there is no way the average homeowner would ever think of it as a possibility. Once a leak develops under there, it can more or less carry on as it pleases until a sign points you or your plumber in that direction.

Possible Slab Leak Warning Signs

Although a slab leak may take some time to let itself be known, there are some signs that can help you out. If you see signs of moisture in your basement like damp carpets, wood floors or baseboards, that can be a sign. You may also notice unusual hot areas on the basement floor that aren’t usually there, or patches of mold growing with no other logical sources. If the leak goes on for long enough, your water bills will jump from all the lost water.

What Kind of Damage Can They Cause?

Depending on how long the slab leak continues before it is resolved, it may cause no real damage at all, or it could cause extensive damage to your basement walls, carpets, flooring, and fixtures, as well as flood the area under your home. Plumbers that offer slab leak repair have the tools and experience you help get you out of trouble, but you have to call to let them know it may be an issue.

Since slab leaks have a way of causing damage behind the scenes when you’re not even aware it’s happening, it’s important to call a reputable plumber as soon as you suspect something. Jennings Plumbing Services has a wide range of services that include slab leak repair, so call 972-492-5369 in Carrollton, TX today.